Thursday 7 February 2013

Frank Corridan - The Baseball King??

Was Frank Corridan the Greatest  Corridan  Baseball Player ever  ???   Well if not the  Greateast, then he was not far off it.!!! Baseball back then was a Purist and honest to God sport, unlike Today,  where records are are being stripped from “athletes” due to the use of PED’s.

 Born to John Corridan  and Mary Galvin, both born near Listowel,  on November 26th 1880 in Newport , Rhode Island.

Frank is credited with the first use of the “spitball” in the Major Baseball Leagues. Frank was a pitcher who had a sharp breaking curve to go with the “spitball”. He was used primarily as a relief pitcher in later years.  He had 22 “saves” in 1910. E.R.A. 2.80 The same record today would put him in the Million Dollar Class. He won 71 games and lost 68 in The National league. The “spitball” was banned in the 1920’s. Frank spent six years in The Major Leagues.They were;

1904            Chicago Cubs

1905-1909  Philadelphia Fillies

1910             St. Louis Cardinals

Frank Corridan died Syracuse, New York on February 21, 1941.



John Corridan b.1843 in Ireland and Mary Galvin  b.1841 in Ireland had these Children in Newport, Rhode Island.

John H Corridan               1865

Mary Corridan                  1867

Anna Corridan                  1869

Dennis Corridan               1871

Julia Corridan                    1874

Catherine Corridan          1876

William Corridan              1879

Frank Corridan                  1880

***The above information was supplied by Mrs  Florence Galvin Dweck, Miami Beach , Florida

 I would love to hear from Florence or any of Her extended Family